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Writing a winning federal government proposal requires a deep understanding of source selection and how to adequately submit competitive technical proposals and bids.  Our proposal writing consultants average more than 30 years of experience with actual hands-on source selection and evaluating proposal. We have extensive experience in Construction proposals, IT, Engineering, Professional Services, IDIQ and Task Orders, Products and Service Contract solutions.

Watson & Associates’ government proposal writing consulting team focuses on helping clients to win more government contracts. We help some of the top contractors in the U.S. to develop, manage and submit competitive federal bids. Both small businesses and large DOD contractors use our extensive government procurement experience to reshape and develop a higher win rate.

  • Our RFP consultants help you to submit federal proposals that stand a chance of winning.
  • Uncover serious mistakes in your bidding strategies.
  • Learn from experts that have been on source selection teams.
  • Develop more competitive technical proposals.

By using our proposal consultancy strategies and stand a chance of submitting a winning government proposal, you will overcome past performance hurdles, develop more competitive technical proposal writing  strategies and understand how the agency actual makes best value and trade off decisions under the FAR

Proposal Writing & RFP Services

The government RFP consultants at Watson & Associates, LLC offer vast experience in writing government proposals. A summary of our proposal writing services are as follows:

  • Complete A-Z federal RFP services;
  • Federal proposal consulting services for  negotiated procurements under FAR 15;
  • Proposal management for efficient and thorough completion of government contract bids;
  • Lowest-Priced Technically Acceptable RFP’s;
  • Review and editing services;
  • Assessing best value considerations
  • Request for Proposal compliance;
  • Technical proposal writing and development for strategic ideas to strengthen your bid;
  • Proposal writing for Task Order and construction contracts;
  • Teaming and joint venture bidding strategies; and
  • Performance Based Contracts.

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Improve Your Technical Proposals

 Submitting strong technical proposals that actual stand a chance of winning a government contract is a continuous problem for when submitting federal proposals.  Our government proposal writing services focus on improving the level of competition. After carefully reviewing each Request for Proposal (RFP) requirement, our proposal writers will analyze your technical strengths and weaknesses.

  • We will  make recommendations on how to gain technical strengths.

Avoid Costly Past Performance Mistakes

Each proposal is reviewed for past performance. This establishes information about potential risk of performance to the source selection board. Our government proposal writers help clients to assess the caliber of  their management and technical proposals. Our services also help clients to develop proven strategies for using teaming partners or high-level subcontractors when applying procurement regulations. As government proposal writing consultants, we guide our clients away from costly mistakes seen in federal bid proposals. We  help you to demonstrate the relevancy, scope and size requirements.

Better Value for Our Clients

Members on our federal proposal writing services and experienced consulting team spend numerous hours studying the critical proposal writing mistakes. 

  • Our goal is to help our clients avoid these costly mistakes in their proposal writing efforts.
  • Our lawyers can address legal and compliance concerns.
  • We have worked for the federal government and understand first-hand how winning proposals are selected.

Our government proposal writing consultants also help you by:

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Note: We cannot use sensitive information gathered during actual litigation practice and admissions to GAO protective orders to help clients gain a competitive advantage.

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