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Proposal Writing Tips:Adopt Strategies to Win Government Contracts

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Proven Services for Writing Government Proposals

Winning federal government proposals require more than just responding to the basicservices for writing government proposals solicitation requirements. Government agencies see templates a mile away and have recently developed harsher proposal evaluation strategies that will quickly eliminate your bid from serious consideration.

Watson & Associates’  Federal government proposal writing consultants offer more than three decades in federal government procurement. Our lawyers and proposal writing consultants help our clients to avoid some of the most costly mistakes frequently seen when writing a proposal to a federal government agency. We can provide proposal writing services in various industry groups at a FLAT RATE.

Central Government Proposal Writing Services

Watson’s team of consulting professionals helps CEOs to restructure their federal government proposal writing strategies and focus on what it takes to win.

  • Complete A-Z federal proposal services;
  • Consulting on negotiated procurements under FAR 15;
  • Proposal management for efficient and thorough completion;
  • Lowest-Priced Technically Acceptable RFP’s;
  • Review and editing services;
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) compliance;
  • Technical proposal strategies;
  • Development of strategic ideas to strengthen your bid;
  • Proposal writing services for both large and small businesses.

We help you to focus on writing a proposal with strategies that balance both writing competitive RFP responses and making sure that each creates value in each source selection criteria. Our consulting services also include:

  • Guidance for overcoming past performance hurdles;
  • Development of best value considerations;
  • Showing you how to propose packages for agency trade-offs;
  • Submitting effective small business subcontracting plans;
  • Avoiding mistakes with teaming and joint ventures;
  • Government proposal writing that prepares you for a bid protest
  • Technical approaches to performance based contracting;
  • Legal review...and more

Develop researched and proven proposal writing approaches. Knowing how to write a proposal and bid on government contracts requires a deep understanding that just meeting the minimum requirements of an RFP never gets the award.

Learn About Hiring Incumbent Personnel Under the Ostensible Subcontractor Rule when writing a proposal You Can Get Your Award Stripped in A Size Protest. 

At Watson, we provide central federal proposal writing and preparation services to small businesses and large DOD contractors needing help with:

  • Developing more competitive technical proposals;
  • Learning how to address “best value” in negotiated contracts;
  • Assessing approaches to factors and sub-factors in the solicitation; and
  • Minimizing the risk of losing the award when there is a bid protest.

Improve Your Technical Proposal Responses

Your technical response is one the most heavily-weighted areas in federal government proposal evaluations. Our professional consultants understand from actual experience that your technical proposal writing is key winning bids.

  • Submit sound management and staffing plans;
  • Avoid landmines with government estimates and historical data;
  • Submit proposals demonstrate less risk in performing PWS requirements.

Avoid Costly Mistakes With Past Performance Proposals

When writing a proposal for the government, how your structure your past performance can mean the difference in getting a “highly relevant” score versus a “somewhat relevant” rating.

  • Knowing how to bid on government contract proposal means knowing how to avoid falling prey to common past performance mistakes. 
  • Our proposal writing consultants offer meaningful suggestions to avoid past performance mistakes.

Develop High-Level Strategic Government Proposal Approaches

Our federal government proposal writers work with your technical team and managers to develop realistic assessment of your capability.

  • Our proposal writing consultants implement your strengths in a way that minimizes risk to the government;
  • Learn how to write government proposals in full and open competition;
  • Effectively use teaming partners and subcontractors to improve federal proposal evaluation scores.

Minimize Your Chances of Losing In a Bid Protest

When it comes to writing a proposal for the federal government, you only goal is not just to get an award. You must also keep the award in the event of a bid protest.

  • You can now learn how to write a proposal for government contracts  with our unique foresight and experience in litigation government contract protests;
  • Although our lawyers and consultants cannot divulge proprietary or protected information when writing proposals, our goal is to focus more on applying general developments that can improve your chances of winning government bids.

Visit Our Blog for More Insight on Federal Proposal Writing, Evaluation Process, and Tips on How to Improve Your Efforts.

What Makes Our Federal Proposal Writing Services Different?

The bottom line is that many proposal writing service companies simply do not understand the legal nuances and land mines that face government contractors in today’s competitive market.

  • We have an edge because our proposal writing experts have actually awarded contracts for the federal government;
  • We focus on finding your weaknesses before the government does;
  • We have the advantage of seeing firsthand the serious errors consistently made by companies bidding on government contracts.

Proposal Writing for Incumbents

Our central proposal writing services incorporate recent trends in source selection processes that help clients to avoid those costly mistakes in technical proposal writing and the bidding process for incumbents, or companies trying to replace the incumbent.

  • Learn how to write a government proposal when there is an incumbent;
  • As an incumbent, learn how to improve your old bid proposal to remain competitive; and
  • We teach you how to effectively submit staffing and technical proposals that force the agency to give you meaningful consideration.

Nationwide Government Proposal Writing Services

We can help regardless of your state. Watson offers federal proposal writing, management and development consulting services to contractors in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington, DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.  

Call Our Government Proposal Writers and Consultants

If you are seeking to increase business profits and improve your chances of winning a federal project, contact the federal government proposal writing consultants at Watson & Associates today by calling toll free 1-866-601-5518.