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Government proposal writing is heavily regulated.  Successful contractors understand the evaluation process before attempting to respond to RFPs. Without this knowledge the highly polished response may not always win. Agencies are also developing new evaluation strategies and taking a harder look Government Proposal Writing & Proposal Consulting Servicesat each bid for better value. Contractors find that internal proposal writers and some third-party companies have no deep understanding of the evaluation process and how to help clients align themselves to become competitive.

Watson & Associates’ federal contracts practice includes providing high-level government proposal writing services and preparing Federal Request for Proposal (RFP) responses. With over 30 years of government contracting experience, our proposal consulting team understands the RFP process, and how the federal government is supposed to evaluate each bid.

  • Flat rates available.
  • we help  clients to avoid some of the most costly mistakes seen in federal proposal writing.

Proposal Writing Services

  • Complete A-Z federal RFP services;
  • Consulting on negotiated procurements under FAR 15;
  • Proposal management for efficient and thorough completion;
  • Lowest-Priced Technically Acceptable RFP’s;
  • Review and editing services;
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) compliance;
  • Technical proposal development  and strategic ideas to strengthen your bid;
  • MACC responses to Requests for Proposals;
  • Proposal writing for Task Order Contracts;
  • IDIQ bidding submissions; and
  • Performance Based Contract PWS.

To speak to an experienced government content writer and consultant, call 1-866-601-5518 for a Free Initial Consultation.

Government Proposal Writing Consulting Services For New or Incumbent Contractors

Given our experience with the RFP process and source selection background, our  government proposal writing consultants also help you  by:

  • Providing guidance for overcoming past performance hurdles;
  • Developing of best value considerations;
  • Showing you how to propose packages for agency trade-offs;
  • Submitting effective small business subcontracting plans;
  • Avoiding RFP writing mistakes with teaming and joint ventures;
  • Offering government bidding and preparation services that prepare you for a bid protest, and
  • Giving legal review…and more

Learn about the ten commandments of government proposal writing and why those pointers serve to increase your chances of winning government contracts.

Technical Proposal Consulting Services

This aspect of proposal writing is where most bidders fail. When the Agency evaluates a government RFP response, we understand that a technical proposal is heavily weighted. Therefore, our government proposal writing consulting experts work closely with clients to extract highly-relevant information in response to the RFP. Our technical proposal consulting services include high-level responses to:

  • Staffing approaches to meet the solicitation requirements;
  • Discussions on management approaches;
  • Minimize technical weaknesses while increasing strengths in your proposal; and
  • Address the How’s, Who’s and When’s required when discussing the PWS requirements.

Learn RFP Strategies With Focus on Best Value and Trade-offs

Learning how to write a proposal for federal government contracts means having an understanding of how agencies perform  best value and trade-off evaluations. This element of proposal writing goes to the essence of your bid and why the Agency ultimately chooses a winner. Our government proposal consulting services include our deep understanding of this highly missed area.

  • Maximize technical strengths and minimize weaknesses.
  • Minimize risk in your proposal.

Avoid Costly Past Performance Mistakes

Government proposal writing includes high-level considerations for submitting past performance as part of your technical proposal. Our government RFP consultants are well-versed in this area and can provide help with analysis and critique. Our government proposal writing  consultants also serve as the proposal central datacenter for companies struggling with past performance concerns .

We help you to avoid costly mistakes with:

  • Selecting relevant projects;
  • Developing an approach for effective use of teaming agreements for higher evaluation scores; 
  • Understanding size, complexity and scope requirements in government bidding and RFP writing; and
  • Learn How to Minimize Impact of Future Bid Protests.

Proven RFP Bidding &  Government Proposal Consulting Strategies

When responding to the government’s request for proposal, our government proposal writing consulting group offers developed, researched and proven approaches. Knowing how to write a proposal and bid on government contracts requires a deep understanding that just meeting the minimum requirements of an RFP never gets the award.

Visit our blog for critical information about government proposal evaluations.

Note: We cannot use sensitive information gathered during our litigation practice and admissions to GAO protective orders.

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