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A joint venture agreement and joint ventures business approaches are some of the commonly used legal contracts in government contracting. Small businesses seeking to develop a strategic alliance and execute thisSBA joint venture agreements and legal contract lawyers level of contractual agreement must be aware of the various regulation that address these relationships when bidding on government contracts. For example, you should not just draft a commercial memorandum of agreement to develop a joint venture partnership. Instead, there are specific contract formats and content that must be included.

With law offices in Washington, D.C. and Colorado, the joint venture agreement lawyers at our firm frequently provide concise and structured legal advice to clients throughout the United States when they seek to develop a strategic alliance when bidding federal contracts. In addition, our attorneys provide guidance and dispute resolution when companies cannot agree on the day-to-day business operations. 

Joint Ventures & Legal Services

As government small business lawyers, Watson & Associates, with law offices in Washington DC and Colorado, frequently help clients with:

  • Drafting and reviewing joint ventures 
  • Consulting on the various SBA small business regulations
  • Providing legal guidance on the parties’ responsibilities
  • Advising on joint venture bids
  • Resolving legal disputes between joint venture partners
  • Helping clients to comply with SBA statutory joint venture agreement regulations
  • Litigation and appeals.

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Strategic Alliance & Affiliation Help in SBA Joint Ventures

Often in size determination disputes the SBA can find general affiliation  between members of  a joint venture agreement if the strategic alliance and contractual relationship is longstanding or if there is unusual contractual dependence between the partners. In addition to simply having a joint ventures contract executed, we help small businesses to be aware of the impact of exclusivity agreements and long-term relationships regarding the “three in two rule” under the joint venture agreement regulations.

  • We litigate allegations of SBA affiliation;
  • Intervene on behalf of awardees of federal contracts;
  • Provide legal guidance and draft applicable memorandum of agreement contracts.

Do You Meet the Exception to Affiliation?

Although using a joint venture agreement is common practice in government contracting, the SBA can still find small businesses affiliated based on a joint venture relationship, unless an exception applies.

One such exception refers to participants in an SBA approved mentor-protégé agreement where two firms approved by SBA can be a mentor and protégé under § 124.520 of the regulations may joint venture as a small business for any Federal government prime contract or subcontract, provided the protégé qualifies as small for the size standard corresponding to the NAICS code assigned to the procurement and, for purposes of 8(a) sole source requirements, has not reached the dollar limit set forth in § 124.519 of the regulations.

  • Having sound legal analysis before entering into a joint venture strategic alliance agreement can save a lucrative award later.
  • Getting the proper legal advice can save unnecessary legal fees and litigation.

Help With Government Contracting Proposals

When companies are seeking gain the benefit of using a joint venture agreement  in bid proposals, our government contracting attorneys provide legal advice and guidance with size standard requirements and compliance with regulations involving Mentor Protégé arrangements. The legal professionals at Watson & Associates, LLC provide help with:

  • Maintaining protection for your joint venture agreement against affiliation under the statutory exemptions;
  • Making sure that your contractual agreement meets regulatory requirements and joint venture terms and contract format are in place.
  • Providing legal advice and guidance to small businesses certified under SBA 8(a) certification programs; and
  •  Guiding mentors and protégés away from costly affiliation

Understand the rules before forming SBA joint ventures: Our lawyers help clients to understand the various nuances of mentor protégé and joint venture agreement rules. This includes populated and unpopulated JV arrangement.

Does your contract meet the legal definitions? During the bidding phase for federal contractors, our strategic alliance attorneys frequently handle a variety of government contracting disputes where the ultimate issue is whether you meet the statutory requirements and prerequisites of the SBA joint venture agreement definition.

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