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Bidding on government contracts using a joint venture agreement is a common method of using another company’s resources. However, small businesses miss some of the most important legal requirements. Contractors end up losing an award, or sometimes find themselves defending size protests that challenge the respective joint venture agreement with another company.

  • Competitive rates
  • Avoid legal pitfalls when entering joint venture relationships
  • Protect your company from affiliation
  • Defend against legal disputes about JV arrangement
  • Help for federal contractors in all states.

Legal Services

As government small business lawyers, Watson & Associates, with law offices in Washington DC and Colorado, frequently help clients with:

  • Drafting and reviewing agreements
  • Consulting on the various joint venture regulations
  • Providing legal guidance on the parties’ responsibilities
  • Advising on joint venture bids
  • Resolving legal disputes between joint venture partners
  • Helping clients to comply with SBA statutory JV regulations
  • Litigation and appeals.

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Help With Joint Venture Agreements for  Government Contracting Proposals

When companies are seeking gain the benefit of using a joint venture agreement in bid proposals, our government contracting attorneys provide legal advice and guidance with size standard requirements and compliance with regulations involving Mentor Protégé arrangements. The legal professionals at Watson & Associates, LLC provide help with:

  • Maintaining protection for joint venture agreements against affiliation under the statutory exemptions;
  • Providing legal advice and guidance to small businesses certified under SBA 8(a) certification programs; and

Guiding mentors and protégés away from costly affiliation

Understand the rules before forming a joint venture agreement: Our lawyers help clients to understand the various nuances of mentor protégé and joint venture agreement rules. This includes populated and unpopulated JV arrangement.

Does your government contracting joint venture agreement meet the legal definitions? During the bidding phase for federal contractors, our attorneys frequently handle a variety of government contracting disputes where the ultimate issue is whether you meet the statutory requirements and prerequisites of the joint venture agreement definition.

Learn more about how to submit joint venture business proposals for government contracts.

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