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Drafting a joint venture agreement can carry costly consequences if not done correctly. Violation of affiliation rules can cause companies to lose out on lucrative government contracts due to the complex regulations that regulate joint venture relationships. For example, businesses submitting a joint venture business proposal for government contracts should avoid standard templates that do not provide for the statutory requirements for populated arrangements. As a result, they lose out on several projects.

Watson & Associates government contract law attorneys  are frequently retained to draft, review and litigate challenges to a proposed joint venture agreement in your bid. Clients also work closely with our firm’s small business lawyers to develop comprehensive strategies to forming venturing partnership agreement relationships and educate them how to abide by the SBA regulations and how to avoid challenges to small business size protests.

Joint Venture Agreement Services

We offer a vast array of legal services to companies seeking to enter into a joint venture agreement. They include:

  • Drafting and review to determine qualified joint venturers;
  • Joint venture agreement accounting and governance;
  • Joint Venture Business Proposals and Bids
  • Resolving legal disputes between partners;
  • Overcoming hurdles stemming from affiliation and the Ostensible Subcontractor Rule;
  • SBA 8(a) matters involving affiliation
  • Litigation and appeals of partnership agreements
  • Finding qualified JV partners

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Joint Venture Business Proposals For Government Contracts

Many companies seek to develop more competitive ways to submit bid proposals. One common method is to develop joint venture business proposals for government contracts. However, small businesses must be extremely careful simply because there is automatic affiliation rules that apply. Unless, there is a statutory exception, such as an SBA approved Mentor Protege relationship,  small businesses must make sure that they do not violate size standard regulations.

With law offices in Washington, DC and Colorado, the government contract lawyers at Watson & Associates, LLC frequently litigate affiliation matters before the SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals and contract disputes before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals about complex joint venture agreement issues.

Understand the rules before forming a joint venture agreement: Our lawyers help clients to understand the various nuances of mentor protégé and joint venture agreement rules. This includes populated and unpopulated JV arrangement.

Does your joint venture agreement meet the legal definition of a Joint Venture Agreement? During the bidding phase for federal contractors, our attorneys frequently handle a variety of government contracting disputes where the ultimate issue is whether you meet the statutory requirements and prerequisites of the joint venture agreement definition.

Learn more about how to submit joint venture business proposals for government contracts.

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