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SBA 8a Certification Consultantsamp; 8a Application Appeal Lawyers

SBA 8a certification consultants at Watson & Associates, LLC frequently help smallsba 8a certification and application consultants disadvantage businesses to scrutinize each 8a application as though it were the SBA. Our lawyers and consultants pool their three plus decades of government contracting experience and success in our SBA certification appeals practice to help applicants to avoid some of the most costly mistakes seen to date.

Our 8a certification consultants have a track record of successful appeals from adverse SBA 8a application decisions. We help you to increase your chances of approval.

Flat Rates Available; We Can Help Regardless of Your State.

8a Certification Services

Our SBA 8a certification consultants use decades of hands-on government contracting experience to gain insight into the problems that disadvantaged businesses face when going through the application phase. Our services include:

Pre-SBA Certification Services
  • Net worth: Showing you how to assess your net worth requirements;
  • Narratives: Assessing and providing guidance in developing compelling social and economic narratives;
  • Waivers: 2 year waivers;
  • Corporate: Providing legal advice and counseling on existing business relationships and corporate documents;
  • Checklist: Providing you with a checklist that helps you to comply with 8a status requirements;
  • Reconsideration: Consulting on and preparing Requests for Reconsideration;
  • SBA 8a appeal for status denials to the Office of Hearings and Appeals;
  • Appealing adverse status decisions;
  • Affiliation and size determination appeals.
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Get help applying the basics areas where many SBA 8a applications fail: Minority and other eligible small businesses utilize our expertise to develop more refined documents such as business ownership, social and economic narratives, net worth requirements and evaluation of other critical qualifications information.

We have successfully defeated the SBA in adverse approval decisions: Our 8a certification consultants help clients to meet eligibility guidelines by analyzing current situations and suggesting changes to meet the SBA’s eligibility requirements. Our experience and success in challenging adverse decisions for minority business applicants demonstrate our deep understanding of the laws and regulations.

Develop Compelling Social and Economic SBA Narratives 

 To stand a chance of submitting a compelling application package, minority owned businesses and small disadvantaged business enterprises must convince the U.S. Small Business Administration that they are socially and economically disadvantaged. This is where most 8a applications are denied.  

  • We help you to focus on the relevant discussion topics for your SBA 8a narratives;
  • You will increase your chances of meeting the legal standards for 8a status;
  • Our consultant help you to avoid some of the most costly mistakes made in applications.
Structure Proper Business Relationships For SBA 8a Certification Applications.

As part of your SBA 8a certification application, you must disclose sensitive corporate documents and discuss current business relationships. This is yet another reason why 8a application status can be denied. Our SBA certification consultants guide you in to meeting the eligibility requirements by helping you to:

  • Analyze and restructure your business situation to meet 8a requirements;
  • Adjust your business documents to allow the right amount of ownership and control of the business; 
  • You must also assess the revenues made from other business clients;
  • Minimize disapproval for commonly-missed requirements.

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Post 8a Application Approval Consulting

After you are approved for 8a status, your company has a significant amount of
compliance and obligation requirements. You also have to address adverse actions as they arise. Watson's 8a certification consultants:

  • Help with business development to secure set aside contracts (there are several companies in the program that still have yet to acquire contracts)
  • Assist with joint venture and teaming agreement concerns
  • Represent you before the agency or SBA
  • Appeal adverse 8a status decisions
  • Help you with statutory and FAR compliance
  • Maximize profits in government contracting
  • Avoid unnecessary fraud pitfalls by developing the required internal policies
  • Develop sound litigation strategies in bid protests and claims litigation
  • Strengthen your road-map to success as a 8a certified company
  • Learn how to increase your success rates with government proposals after getting your 8a status
  • Train your key staff members in critical areas of federal procurement

Has The SBA Denied Your 8a Status?

If your SBA certification is denied, our lawyers will appeal your case to the Office of Hearing and Appeals (SBAOHA). Call our 8a certification consultants can explain the process.

SBA 8a Application and Termination Appeal Lawyers

As SBA 8a certification consultants, we have litigated SBA 8a appeals due to denial of 8a applications and terminations before the SBA office of Hearings and Appeals.

If you are already 8a certified, you might receive a notice from the SBA suggesting termination from the 8a Certification Program. You must adequately and promptly respond, and build a record for SBA 8a appeal. Having a government contracts lawyer that understands the 8a certification qualifications process can help you to preserve your rights for appeal.

Nationwide Representation

Watson's SBA 8a certification consultants can assist small disadvantaged business enterprises in any state for purposes of getting their 8a status. Federal law allows our 8a certifications consultants and attorneys to represent clients regardless of their resident state. Watson & Associates can represent small business applicants in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington, DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. 

Cities in which we can help you to appeal 8a application denials include Anchorage, AK; Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; Chicago, IL; and Colorado Springs. Federal government contracts lawyers and litigation attorneys are in Washington DC, MD, VA, and CO.

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