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Understanding and effective preparing your 8a certification application package requires a deep understanding of how the SBA actually evaluates your package. There are several legal issues that sba 8a certification consultants lawyerslay in wait for small businesses. Submitting an incomplete application draws skepticism from the SBA and sets a first impression. To minimize any problems with getting your 8a status, you want to make sure that you minimize risk on the first try. From increasing amounts of SBA 8a application denials and appeal rulings against 8a applicants, clients bring their application and litigation concerns to Watson & Associates.

Our 8a certification consultants represent clients by helping to increase their chances of getting their 8a status.  Our lawyers and SBA Program consultants are known for getting increased results.  As you plan to submit your application, you want to make sure that you avoid common traps such as misrepresentation and fraud.

In complex disputes about social and economic disadvantaged status, affiliation under the Ostensible Subcontractor Rule, or litigating appeals before the SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals, small businesses trust our guidance and advice. See our representative cases.

With offices in the Washington, DC metro areas and Denver, Colorado areas, our 8a certification consultants are geographically positioned to help clients in all states. As compared to document preparation companies, we know the 8a requirements and the law that applies to it.

  • We eliminate guess work and apply our 30 years of government contracting experience;
  • We apply case law to see if your chances of meeting the SBA’s 8a status requirements are high;
  • Our lawyers understand how to preserve your rights to appeal.

8a Certification Application Services

Watson’s SBA small business consulting team’s experience is vast and deep. We help small disadvantaged and minority owned small business enterprises to navigate through the complex regulations and rules during the 8a application process. We help with matters related to:

Pre-SBA Approval Services

  • Net worth: Showing you how to assess your net worth requirements;
  • Narratives: Assessing and providing guidance in developing compelling social and economic narratives;
  • Waivers: 2 year waivers;
  • Corporate: Providing legal advice and counseling on existing business relationships and corporate documents;
  • Checklist: Providing you with a checklist that helps you to comply with 8a certification and 8a status requirements;
  • Reconsideration: Consulting on and preparing Requests for Reconsideration;
  • SBA 8a appeal for status denials to the Office of Hearings and Appeals;
  • Appealing adverse 8a certification decisions;
  • Affiliation and size determination appeals.

Post 8a Certification Approval Consulting

After you are approved for 8a status, your company has a significant amount of
compliance and obligation requirements. Watson’s consultants:

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Learn Why Most 8a Applications Fail

Our 8a certification consultants help you to avoid these costly mistakes. Meeting 8a application requirements can be a tough challenge. However, this is where our SBA 8a status and appeal consultants can help. Here are but a few problems that most applications have.

  • Inability to write strong and convincing social and economic narratives for 8a status;
  • Weak business document contents that question control;
  • Not properly demonstrating the SBA that you have the ability to succeed if your get 8a certified;
  • Failing to account for business revenues.

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8a Status Application and Termination Appeal Lawyers

As SBA 8a certification consultants, our lawyers have successfully litigated 8a status appeals due to denial of 8a applications. Watson has also litigated 8a terminations before the SBA office of Hearings and Appeals.

If you are already 8a certified, you might receive a notice from the SBA suggesting termination from the 8a Program. Watson’s lawyers and consulting experts help you to adequately and promptly respond, and build a record for appeal. Having a government contracts lawyer that understands the 8a certification qualifications process can make the difference between losing out on millions in potential revenues and taking your business to the next level.

Nationwide Help

Watson’s SBA 8a Program consultants can assist small disadvantaged business enterprises in any state for purposes of getting their 8a status. Federal law allows our 8a certification consultants and attorneys to represent clients regardless of their resident status.

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