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Given the complex issues buried in the SBA 8a certification application process, we specifically guide you through issues such as net worth requirements, business documentation and control problems and increasing your chances of getting an 8a status by presenting information to the SBA that demonstrates your social or economic disadvantage, in order to obtain the status of a small disadvantaged business. Our ultimate goal is to help you meet SBA 8a eligibility requirements and to avoid the underlying SDB certification legal landmines that so many applicants face.

SBA 8a Certification Application & SDB Certification Services

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  •  Business relationships and corporate documents;
  • 8a Certification Program Checklists


  • Compliance with annual requirements
  • SBA 8a termination appeals
  • 8a Application Review Services


  • Appeal of small business determinations to SBA OHA
  • 2 year waivers 
  • Ostensible Subcontractor Rule
  • 8a Joint Ventures
  • Statutory guidance and FAR compliance

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What Makes Our SBA 8a Certification Consulting Services Different?

Our government contracting solutions and small business lawyers have deep substantive knowledge about the laws and regulations governing SDB certification.

  • Members of our team were small business program executives for the federal government
  • Not only do we prepare small business applicants, we also understand all of the issues that arise after getting certified.
  • We frequently litigate and appeal unlawful denials by the SBA.

We are in a unique position to help clients to reduce serious mistakes with minority owned businesses. See some of our favorable results

Without understanding the various legal rules, SBA 8a certification applicants often find themselves at the mercy of the SBA. Our 8a certification consultants can help you to minimize these costly mistakes.

Get consulting services after getting 8a certified

8a Certification Consultants & SBA SDB Application Lawyers

After your 8a application is approved and you now have your 8a status, our consultants help with: 8a set aside government contracts;Joint venture and teaming agreement concerns, small business 8a size protests and appeals. Once you are 8a certified, you still have to get government contracts. Our consulting team can help in this area. Learn more about getting 8(a) Sole Source Contracts With the Government.

How to Minimize SBA 8a application Denials and Appeal Rulings With Your SBA 8a Certification Application?  Getting a clear understanding of what the SBA looks for in your application, knowing the legal standard of its review for small disadvantaged business status, and preparing an application that has less questions and inconsistencies is the starting point to getting approved. The SBA has great discretion to make subjective decisions.  Any conclusions it makes only have to be reasonable. Watson’s SBA 8a certification experts help you to stay in compliance with the small disadvantaged business requirements and to take proactive measures to develop internal policies and controls. 

Improve Your Social and Economic Narratives:  You have to know what topics to write about and what level of detail you should describe your experiences.  Writing to become economically disadvantaged also means getting to the result of the alleged bad experience.  To get 8a certified this is one area that you should be almost perfect in when submitting your SBA 8a certification application. 

Avoid Costly Mistakes When Assessing  Business Documents and Customer Relationships: The SBA scrutinizes your 8a certification application for irregularities, inconsistencies and reliance on your business customers. At Watson our consultants help you to look deeper into legal issues such as improper business relationships and control of your business. This is fertile ground for getting your 8a certification package denied.

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